Who We Are

by Nicole Vinson

Hi there! Welcome to RosieMay & Co, our little online boutique designed to help you take care of you! As a couple living together for the first time during the pandemic, we realized how crucial prioritizing your self care can be. The ups and downs from our collective new work-from-home lifestyle combined with cohabitating for the first time certainly has taken us on an (hopefully) everlasting journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves, and we hope to share that with you!

Whether you are living in a studio apartment in New York City or a 8 bedroom mansion down south, your bathroom should be your sanctuary. Whenever you venture in there, it should feel like you are walking into your own personal spa. Especially if you live with roommates or a significant other, or even as a place to step away from your laptop for a few minutes, your bathroom (if treated properly) can be your escape. A place to clear your mind and relax. Our goal is to help you out with that in a chic, affordable, and sustainable way!

We strongly believe your top priority should always be your mental and physical health. Without it, you are not equipped to handle everything life throws at you. We have both had our fair share of mental health struggles over the years, and especially while living a secluded quarantined lifestyle during the pandemic. We finally decided to open up with each other and others and make a collective goal to improve our quality of life, starting with a clear mind and focusing on our self care on a daily basis. 

So as you continue on the path to investing in yourself (the best investment you can make by the way), we hope you will check out what we have to offer! Let's take this health and wellness journey together, and make sure we can make the improvements we want in our lives, so that we can positively impact others!